I’ve been having those deep thoughts again lately, about where I’m at and what I’m doing with my life. After a profoundly lackluster winter, after bumming around being hazily sad and blaming it on the weather and lack of sleep, I need a bit of an attitude shift. A little change, definitely.

I’m going to the doctor’s on Monday. That should be fun times, and they’re right up the street from work. When I called to make the appointment, the woman on the phone said, “Wow, you haven’t been here in a while.” Then she told me that my regular registered nurse isn’t there anymore, and would I mind having a new one? I said that I didn’t mind – the woman I saw before was very brusque and occasionally condescending, and I could tell that she was better treating children than adult.

Last night I watched “Strange Culture,” a documentary about the Department of Justice’s case against artist and professor Steve Kurtz. You can read about what happened here:

Not only did this happen in Buffalo, it happened very close to where I live. I remember watching the news and seeing a house I’d walked past before during my neighborhood walks, but on TV it was covered with yellow tape, and people wearing HazMat suits were walking in and out. Something like “Artist suspected of Bioterrorism” was written across the top of the screen.

The documentary was really odd, with dramatizations by actors playing Steve and Hope Kurtz (Tilda Swinton played Hope), but it was also a good and scary documentary. It really delved into why the case against Kurtz went as far as it did.

If you’re at all interested in First Amendment rights, what the Patriot Act actually means in application, artist collectives, what is being put in your food without your being informed, etc., etc., I recommend this documentary for you. For YOU.

HEY! Chris Isaak is releasing a new CD on Tuesday!!

And I need Neko Case’s new album, because I love her –
Neko Case interview



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