Laptop Joy

I know that many people have had laptops for many years, so it may be hard to understand my current joy, which is that my beautiful blue ASUS laptop is on its way. A lot of people have had more than one laptop, and some people have laptops much nicer than I can afford right now.

I am still very excited.

When I was in grad school, laptops were much more expensive than desktops; even though my desktop is still the most expensive thing I've ever purchased, other than my car, it was more reasonable than any laptop I looked at during that period.

That was 9 years ago, and my desktop PC is still running, though lately she is groaning and freezing and getting all grumpy about the internet. And if the website has any sort of sound or animation, my computer pretty much tells me to fuck myself. I haven't played one of my supercool PC games for months, because my computer would freeze at the most exciting parts. I haven't bothered to buy a new computer game since 2005, because my computer doesn't have a sweet enough video drive or flash card... (I think that's what they're called).

My computer is so old that I'm not down with all of the new computer lingo.

The house that I have lived in for the past four years is beautiful, except for the tiny, crowded room where our computers live. It's cold in there, and dark, and I have often dreamed of a laptop that I could use in the gracious living room, the spacious dining room. My own bed! I've been kind of poor since grad school (is that a lesson? I don't know), but this year I got a hefty sum for my federal tax refund. Not enough for a MacBook Pro, but enough for a sleek, dependable ASUS.

I ordered it, 2 GB of memory and an external CD/DVD-writer on Saturday, and I've been checking the shipping progress ever since.

I think the first thing I'm going to do when I get my shiny new laptop is write a short story, from beginning to end.



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