Oh, shush.

I have recently rediscovered the wonders of rubber cement. From fixing the plastic "stone" that fell off of my earring to closing up the crack in the rubber sole of my boot, to gluing pictures and concert tickets and movie stubs into my paper journal, without making the paper all bumpy and gloppy. I love rubber cement, and am happy to live so close to an art supply store that carries wonderful things like rubber cement and kneaded erasers (another love of mine).

Apparently one of the journal sites I write on has shut down, and that's sad but fine. I'm trying to simplify my online presence, if that's possible. I keep forgetting to write, or I get busy and can't write. I hope to buy a new laptop with my tax refund, so maybe then I can be lazy and write anywhere. Like laying in my bed, or on the front porch, in the sunlight - oh, that sounds so nice and good. I've been salivating over this laptop. Someday I hope to work up to an Apple laptop, but for now, I will "settle" with glee on a reasonably-priced laptop with a good keyboard, a long battery life and free online storage. Snazzy!

Work has been crazy-making. And that's all I'm going to say about that right now.



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