Simple pleasures

For one reason or another (I'm being as discreet as possible and won't go into specifics) I had a hellish week. The part that I feel I can share online is the massive head cold on TOP of tree pollen allergies that affected me all week - today is the first day that I felt at all healthy, although I'm still blowing my nose a lot. For other reasons that I'd rather not share online, the week was awful, awful, awful.

I love Buffalo, and I take an automatic dislike to people who dismiss Buffalo without once trying to have any sort of fun, any sort of pleasant experience there. But sometimes I need to get away from the city I consider home, because the small size of the city can make it easy for me to dwell on unpleasant experiences that may have happened just a short distance away, or with people I'm likely to run into.

My favorite place to escape is to my mom's house, which is close enough to make for a nice, relaxing drive, and far enough away that I am unlikely to think of Buffalo or anything IN Buffalo that bothers me for quite some time. And the town my mom lives in is like a completely different world; even if I do think of things that bother me in Buffalo, I'm thinking from a distance. My annoyances seem like they might belong to someone else.

Today I had the perfect recuperative experience with my family. It was 80 degrees and sunny outside, and I spent pretty much all day with my mom and my sister's fiancé and my nephews and a niece and a few neighborhood kids, and we just ran around and got really sweaty and dirty. I was barefoot, the ground was warm and soft, the sun rays were hot but restorative.

Perfect. Just what I needed.



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