There is one being, other than me, who is ecstatic that I'm home a lot now.

Floyd has not given me any space or peace since I've been unemployed. He needs to be near me when I'm eating, when I'm reading, when I'm watching TV, when I'm sleeping... even, sometimes, when I need to use the bathroom. He's like a little kid sometimes, "Mom! Mom! Hey mom! Mom, look down here! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMM!!!"

This is just as cute and annoying as it sounds. And Floyd really reminds me of a kid, with his long, long legs and his big, big eyes, and his big, big ears. And the fact that he randomly attacks chair legs, table legs, tablecloths, the bottom of the stairs, my feet... OW, HE'S DOING IT RIGHT NOW!

Sometimes he goes bounding off into the dark, chasing things that I can't see. Sometimes he chases flies and bugs around the house.

It saddens me slightly to think that he might have been doing all of these adorably cute things when no one was around to see it, but it also saddens me if the opposite is true, if he's doing these adorably cute things because someone is around all day to pay attention now. Poor Floydie, with so much wasted unbearable cuteness.

Anyway, I'm around to see all of his kittenish antics, at least for a while, and he is deliriously happy about it. And, even though he can get on my nerves (say, when it's 80+ degrees inside, and I'm sweating to death doing nothing, and Floyd decides that he needs to be on top of me, shedding as much fur onto my sweaty, sticky skin as he POSSIBLY can), he is still my little boy.

But sometimes I see Floyd looking at me, all saucy, and I swear I can hear the Barry White playing in his head.

Look at that face and tell me that he's not thinking of smooching me!

And I always wonder when it comes to pets, cats especially - what are we to them? Mother? Master? Girlfriend? What do THEY think is going on between us? Why does it seem like, sometimes, cats are so avidly watching you while you undress?

Well, I guess it doesn't really matter. Kitty psychology can wait for another day - for now, yes, I'm happy to spend more time with Floyd. As long as he doesn't try to slip me some tongue.


Julia said…
Lenny slips me tongue all the time.

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