the Sunday tea

Sweet Moses, I had a great Friday night. I had drinks with Kelly and Ami and Jon on my porch, and Kelly's friends Jen and Janet joined us (ooh, nice alliteration). After a flurry of gin and tonics and wine and beer, punctuated with cracker goldfish and whatever random rice snack Ami was eating, Kelly and I ventured out in search of nightlife.

It was SO NICE to be pleasantly drunk. I wasn't thinking too much about everything, I wasn't living in my own head to my usual extent. Instead, I enjoyed my gin and tonics and laughed with my friends and talked and thought about nothing terribly deep. Then I had some beers with Kelly, and I just enjoyed the people-watching. I don't know why I decided that the bartender needed to see my tattoo, which was already in plain sight anyway, but it doesn't matter! It also doesn't matter that I was terribly lethargic yesterday, with a strong need for anything dairy. I had fun!

Yesterday it drizzled quite beautifully, and today around noon it was so dark outside that it looked like dusk. I have been enjoying the weather that everyone else in Buffalo seems to abhor. The trees and greenery and flowers have been unbelievably gorgeous, especially against a gray sky.

Now the sun is out, and I am having a lazy Sunday afternoon, with my pot of jasmine green tea, and a book and some magazines. Once my laundry is done, I plan on sitting down with some John Hughes movies (R.I.P.).

And then, you know, tomorrow I'll figure out what to do with my life.


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