I done clobbered a snake!

I went through a few weeks of “You need to play FrontierVille on Facebook – it’s so fun!” At every turn, my nephews would tell me about the joy of clobberin’ snakes and gophers and clearin’ brush and fightin’ off bears. Energy-giving pie slices fall from harvested trees and pop out of fed animals. Gold coins and gold stars come out of everything.

Real frontier-style living? Not so much. Fake Facebook frontier-style living? I’m all about it. I don’t know if I’d say that I’m addicted (“it’s not a habit, it’s cool, I feel alive”), but I am definitely onboard the FrontierVille boat.

I am glad to get back to my regular workweek. After last week, during which I went to bed every night while it was still light out, it now feels deliciously naughty to stay up past 10 PM. To get up at 6:30 AM, instead of being at work by then.

And, of course, I get a nice, long weekend because of July 4th. I am already envisioning the wine coolers, the sleepovers, the delicious deviled eggs.

Otherwise, I feel like walking and walking and walking, and reading and reading and reading. And buying things – I just bought some lovely homemade soaps and a tie-dyed velvet scarf from Etsy sellers. So, you know, the usual.


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