My friends...

I have been very, very busy, and have been neglecting this here blog shamelessly. Let me just share some snippets, because I don't have time to coherently put anything together (like I ever coherently put blog entries together!).

I somehow managed to forget what a weird sleeper Owen is. Last weekend mom and I were watching some Harry Potter, and Owen was passed out on the inflatable bed next to me. Out of nowhere, he sat up and started singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." Mom and I were impressed, but then mom told him to lay back down, and he flopped down, facing the wrong way. He spent the rest of the night muttering and talking in his sleep.

At first I was all, "Maybe it was too hot for him." But then I remembered a time when he'd spent the night at my house in Buffalo, when he was 2. He was sleeping in my bed with me, and anytime he moved, I would wake right up. So at one point that night, when he shot to his feet and started running, I was able to catch him before he crashed into the armchairs that are near the bottom of my bed.

I think Owen's just an odd sleeper. As someone who has walked, talked and sung in my sleep, I can relate.


My birthday is on Saturday. My workplace is pretty serious about birthdays, and I expected some little to-do with cake and a card on Friday (tomorrow). So imagine my surprise when I walked into a weekly meeting yesterday to discover a delicious peanut butter cheesecake with chocolate drizzled all over the top, and little Reese's Cups all over. SURPRISE! It was so sweet, and I really was surprised. Which doesn't happen often.

I do love my workplace. Have I mentioned that lately?


I am very excited about the Rockin' at the Knox concert tomorrow. Martha Wainwright! Rufus Wainwright! And I have been listening to the National and have enjoyed them a lot. I am completely ready to have a great time.

And then, this weekend, I'll be down with my family, celebrating my birthday and my brother's on Sunday.


Lately I've been re-reading "The Call of the Wild," and I finished it last night. I remember loving that book when I was little. I can't believe how much I cried last night at the sweetness of the relationship between Buck and John Thornton.


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