bleeding all over

I'm sitting in the dining room; how I've missed it. I've been avoiding the downstairs like the plague lately, but I don't think The Kid is home. Kind of weird, really, to feel limited in the house I've lived in and had free reign in for five years, but I seriously can't deal with him at all. The very sight of him annoys me. And that's not very grown-up of me, I know.

Anyway, Floyd is enjoying my presence down here. This is where we used to hang out all the time on the weekends, me with my computer and a book and a pot of tea, him lazing around in a patch of sun or attacking my feet.

The craziness at work is over, for now. At least, the part where I have to get up crazy early and work insanely long hours is over. Everything went really smoothly, too!

After getting up at 4 AM yesterday and working until 11, and then a nap, I was actually really happy to go to the mall, of all places. Usually I run into Sephora and run right back out, but last night I was enjoying the somewhat mindless pleasure of going along with the crowd, into this store or that store. And, because I was looking, I was actually able to find some good deals (as well as tons of things I wanted at Sephora, of course).

One embarrassment - I was in Ann Taylor Loft, waiting in line with things I wanted to buy. When I got up to the counter, the woman ringing me out suddenly started to find blood all over everything, kind of a lot of blood. There was confusion and concern, and of course the blood was coming from me, and everyone started running around for a band-aid, and Shout Wipes for my cardigan, which was besmirched. BESMIRCHED! I bled all over the two things I wanted to buy, and the woman insisted on replacing them, even though I kept insisting that I should just take the bloody clothes, since it was my blood and all. Everyone was staring - and all because of a tiny little cut on the tip of my pinky finger. A tiny little cut that I hadn't even felt when I got it. Embarrassing, I tell you.

Anyway, I had this dream last night - I was at my house, with Shon. He had a friend with him, a very serious woman, and I had some friends with me. The very serious woman was mad at my friends because they'd laughed at some of her friends last Halloween. Her friends were dressed as Oompa Loompas, and my friends had found it entertaining. The very serious woman kept going on and on about how her friends had been making some sort of political statement, and that they'd changed the words of the Oompa Loompa song to reflect that statement, and it was nothing to be laughed at.

This argument seemed to go on forever, until I finally got the woman to admit that her friends had been funny. She said, "Yes, they were funny, but they were not trying to entertain!" I said, "Where I'm from, SOMETHING FUNNY IS CONSIDERED ENTERTAINMENT!" And then I thought (but didn't say), "Don't argue semantics with me, bitch!"

And then there was something about having to get to and from my room by climbing onto rooftops and into other roommates' windows, because apparently we had no stairs. And later, dreams about bodies of water full of spongy, scary snakes.


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