I'm watching Amelie and drinking a lovely catawba from Freedom Run Winery, and I have this to say:

Sarah dislikes:
- unnecessary loudness
- strangers commenting on her body parts
- people who try to cheer her up before 10 AM or who tell her to smile EVER

Sarah likes:
- when her cat Floyd meows and purrs at the same time
- any activity with her family
- indie feminist magazines

I have had a lovely long weekend.  On Friday I gave blood, which I always enjoy.  Because of my deep veins, it seemed like everyone in the donor center was staring at me (are deep veins that rare?).  Also, I forgot to eat beforehand, so everyone was watching to see if I'd faint.  I did not faint.  And I was happy to give blood where I work - I know the blood will stay there when it's needed.  And I don't mind the pain, though the finger prick is not fun (it hurts more than the big needle they shove into your arm).  It may sicken some of you, but I rather like the feeling of the blood rushing from my arm when I squeeze the ball.  And I like that my blood can be given to everybody.  I actually missed giving blood over the past year, after I got my tattoo.

On Friday night I relaxed and watched some movies.  I was dumb and forgot that I wasn't supposed to drink that night because I gave blood.  I drank some Summer Shandies (beer mixed with lemonade) because people have been recommending them to me since forever.  And so it was my fault that I had a headache on Saturday.  Well, the headache gave me a good reason to stay inside all day, reading and writing and watching Buffy in my room.  I wrote on Twitter that it felt decadent to stay inside all day in the middle of summer.  It was pretty awesome.

Yesterday I went to the Niagara Wine and Culinary Festival with Julia and her boyfriend Devon.  It was 10 wineries representing, and we got 4 tastings at each winery.  I actually tried a lot of wines that I normally wouldn't (I'm prone to choose wine based on attractive bottles rather than what's inside).  I've discovered the aforementioned Catawba from Freedom Run and the Fuji Apple wine from Leonard Oakes Estate Winery (their Blanc d'Orleans was also good).  In the future, I plan on buying the gorgeous Syrah from Arrowhead Spring Vineyards.  At $38 per bottle, it's more than I would spend, but it was delicious.

Plus I bought some goat's milk soap, which is always - and I mean ALWAYS - a good idea.

Afterward, Julia and Devon went to dinner in beautiful Lewiston, and I went to Outback Steakhouse to meet people for a birthday gathering.  My sister and I managed to simultaneously embarrass and entertain the table, I think.  And Alice Springs Chicken is delicious.


Today I went to the coffeeshop, and then to AmVets.  I spent $30 and got some great things.  I feel like I buy things at AmVets that I wouldn't even notice in a retail store - I like everything I bought today, but would I notice them in Target or at the mall if they weren't $3 or $4?  Well, I'm happy with my purchases, especially the seafoam green wrap sweater that I won't be able to wear for the next two months.


A Fuss said…
So basically instead of not drinking after giving blood, you drank for two days straight. Nice.
Literary Auntie said…
Ahem -THREE days straight.

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