"First you gotta do the Truffle Shuffle!"

I am sitting in a coffee shop with my journal and my latest issue of Bitch Magazine, feeling quite fine.  I have had a good week, and after Friday I'll be taking a mini-vacation.

For my mom's 60th birthday.  6-0.  SIXTY.  Seriously, 60!

I don't know why that number is such a mindfuck.  In a good way, because Hey!  She's lived 60 years!  But also in a scary way - obviously it's natural for parents to age, and it's natural that I should be scared about that, a little (mortality, other stuff I can't deal with, et cetera).  But I don't remember feeling quite so weirded out or conflicted when mom turned 50.  I've already confronted some of my issues with my mother aging, perhaps a little prematurely, because of her hips, and because sometimes I worry for no good reason.  But 60, 6-0, SIXTY is blowing my mind.

Anyway, we're taking her to her favorite beef restaurant.  Boy, that sounded naughty.

I got her some pretty rad presents.

As always, I will spend a lot of time with various nieces and nephews, and I will return from my mini-vacay exhausted.  This is the way of things.  This is why I don't have kids.  Well, one of many reasons.

Actually, I love being an Auntie.  I get to do all of the fun stuff, like teaching Owen how to do the Truffle Shuffle.  My sister's boyfriends kids had never seen "The Goonies," so last Saturday we had a big sleepover at mom's house and watched it.  At the beginning, I was running around, doing laundry and other "adult" things, so I missed the first 20 minutes of the movie.  As soon as I got into the living room and started to settle down, I had to rewind to the Truffle Shuffle.  And we watched that part 5 times!  Usually it's one of the kids saying, "Can we watch that part again?  One more time?"  This time, it was me.  Since I had the authority and the remote, I didn't need to ask.

The other night, I called Nicky to discuss mama's birthday plans, and I realized that, since she worked for most of the weekend, she didn't know about Owen's new skill.  I told her to make Owen do the Truffle Shuffle.  She sounded kind of confused - I heard her say, "Uh, Aunt Sarah says you have to do the Truffle Shuffle."  In the background, I heard Owen yell, "COME ON!"  And then I heard Izaak and Malachai yell, "DO IT!"  So Owen groaned loudly, Chunk-style, and did the Truffle Shuffle.

These are the moments an Auntie lives for.


A Fuss said…
Have fun at the "Beef restaurant." Hope it passed the health inspection.

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