and whiskers on kittens

Boy oh boy, I have been having trouble getting out of bed lately.  In the morning my room is the perfect amount of chilly; it makes my bed seem the comfiest and coziest and most snuggly bed ever, and all I can do is bury myself and doze through several alarm clock snoozes.  Floyd used to be an ally I could count on to get my bum out of bed, but now he is a total enabler. Instead of bouncing around my bed and getting into my face as soon as the alarm goes off, he now snuggles even harder, just like I do, for a few more minutes of sleep.  Snooze.  Snooze. Snooze. 

And he’s started getting snappy at me if he feels like it’s time for bed at night, but I’m still up and around.


I enjoy the hell out of a good bath.  I’ve tried taking baths at my house, but it takes so long to scrub the tub and then fill it, and even if I’ve asked my roommates in advance if they need the bathroom before I start, I feel guilty that I’m taking too long, and I end up not relaxing completely.  And then Floyd will be sticking his paws under the door and waving them around, trying to get my attention.  All in all, it’s not worth the trouble to try and bathe at my house.

But my mama’s house is a different story.  At her house, I can take my time and not worry if anyone’s getting miffed at me.  (And if the kids come barging in because they “gotta go”, I can just close the curtain – it’s amazing how much children want to chat while they’re sitting on the toilet).

I’ve started ordering Lush bath bombs and bath melts again.  I love a gorgeous-smelling, moisturizing bath.  This week I used the dragons egg bath bomb, which was fizzy and sparkly, and it turned the water orange and smelled all citrusy.  So that was nice.    


On Wednesday morning I’ll be stepping onto an airplane for the first time.  I’ve been to the Buffalo airport several times while dropping people off and picking them up, so I know that layout pretty well. 

True to form, I’ve been a little anxious about the traveling – not so much about crashing and dying, but about the details.  I worry about doing things wrong, about not knowing the rules, about getting yelled at.  In order to alleviate these anxieties, I have been researching (also true to form).  I believe I won’t be too terribly surprised at this point, and so now I am getting excited!  Mostly about having a hotel room to myself, but also for all of the networking.


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