I’m so glad Carl Paladino brought out the crazy this weekend.  I hope so fervently that he has effectively killed his own campaign.  Speaking as someone who is constantly trying to convince her nephews that being gay isn’t weird or wrong, that “gay” shouldn’t be used as an insult, I can’t believe that Paladino would say, “I don't want them [children] to be brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is an equally valid and successful option.”  Of course, Paladino was quick to say later that the press twisted his words… but how could you misinterpret that statement? 

I have a few gay friends who have been supporting Paladino.  I’m wondering if anyone has changed their minds after this weekend.


I had a rather lovely shopping day yesterday.  I have never been to the outlet mall in Niagara Falls by myself before, but the sales were so good that I chanced it.  And it was a lovely fall drive.  The mall itself was a little crazy, as I expected, but I didn’t get quite as annoyed as I usually do.  Instead, I worked steadily and quickly through several stores, and after a delicious chicken souvlaki, I left for home, quite satisfied with my purchases.  My favorite item – Pumpkin Oxford Converse.  I have wanted orange Chucks for a while, and now they are mine! 

I also got a heather brown sweater dress, which I am wearing now.  Flattering AND comfy.  I’m in love.


Speaking of “love” (or, rather, segueing badly into a discussion about a crush I have on a fictional character), the Trailer Park Boys are coming to Buffalo on November 13th!  Yes, I am going to be able to see my beloved Julian on stage, along with Ricky and Bubbles.  I am SO EXCITED.  My sister and I are going to go and sister-bond over the hilarity, in pretty awesome seats. 

Julian is the mayor of Sexytown.


In house news, one of my roommates has moved out, apparently under cover of darkness.  No, it wasn’t the Kid, though I have hopes that maybe he and his girlfriend will move in together, away from me.  No, it was the other annoying one, the scumbaggy one who was, I suspect, eating my food and using my shower stuff.  Among other things.

He left his room a complete mess – dirty linens on the bed, filthy floor, dust everywhere.  I know Shon won’t be terribly upset about his leaving, but he might be upset when he sees how much cleaning he’ll have to do before he can rent that room out again.  


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