I am one of those people who is very serious about their sleep. I need my sleep, I want my sleep, I have to have my sleep!

I feel like I haven’t had a good sleep for about a month.

Most of the reasons are the usual – roommates slamming doors and stomping around, or talking very loudly at 12:30 AM, people on the street screaming about how drunk they are and how awesome that is (this only happens on weekdays, never on the weekend – go figure), my own crazy brain not letting itself power down.

BUT, since my last blog post, I have also flown on an airplane for the first time! And I went to a work conference for the first time! And I dressed like a zombie and went to the Prom of the Dead!

The airport stuff was not as bad as I’d envisioned – no one yelled at me for not knowing the rules. Indeed, my first security experience was at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, and there wasn’t a lot going on, so it was virtually painless for me to observe what other people were doing and then follow suit.

And I! LIKE! FLYING! I suspect that I might be a little more nervous in a rainstorm or a snowstorm, especially considering that my first and last flights were on tiny little planes, but the weather was fine, and I got to have a nice, non-traumatic introduction to flying. My favorite moment was when we turned the corner and then sped up to take off, like a racehorse thundering out of the gate.

Airports, on the other hand, are totally boring. Luckily I had books. And on my way back to Buffalo, I had an entertaining coworker.

The conference itself was interesting and informative, though I felt like I didn’t get a chance to calm down. Can we say “whirlwind?”

I got home late Friday night, so happy to see Floyd and my bed, and I tried to sleep in Saturday, but it didn’t really work. Saturday night was the Prom of the Dead, which was a fundraiser for Torn Space Theater in Buffalo. SUCH a good time – Buffalo takes costumes seriously, I’ll tell you what! I so enjoy doing zombie makeup, and I had a froofy dress and heels, and a dead flower corsage.

This weekend, of course, is Halloween, my very favorite holiday. I expect to have a good time, even though I’ve noticed lately that I tend to get a little maudlin when I drink in the fall. Not sure what that’s about.

Either way, I’ll be the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland.


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