How about I tell you something good?

I will tell you this:
My mama is going on Medicare in May, which means that she may finally be on the road to getting her hips fixed! Yes, after years of basically getting dicked around (I seriously can't think of a better phrase) by her employer, her doctor (before she got a better doctor), the entire system, my mama is finally getting on the train to NoPainsville. 

Granted, it will still be a long journey. But there is hope that one day kind of soon-ish MAYBE, my mama can step away from the cane and the walker.


I have been fighting some sort of vague and evil sickness since Monday. Yesterday I took a sick day, and one of the things I did while laying on the couch in the family room was read this incredibly long and creepy-chilling article on Scientology from the New Yorker.

Though I am agnostic and have a hard time with the concept of Faith, I try to be respectful of other people's beliefs. But the Church of Scientology has always been a cult in my opinion. I cannot understand why people would believe what Scientologists believe. I'm so glad that Paul Haggis stepped forward and spoke out against the shadowy organization, after being a member for 35 years. And I will be on the lookout for any scandal involving Paul Haggis from now on - he comes right out and says that the Scientologists will probably be setting him up for some catastrophic fall within the next 2 years. I have no doubt that the Church of Scientology is capable of doing quite awful things, and is quite willing to do them if they feel they're being threatened.


foggy said…
Hmm. I'm trying to establish a timeline, and possibly causality, here: did your nasty, poorly defined illness arrive before or after you started reading that article about the Church of Scientology?

More seriously, that is so great to hear about your mom.
Literary Auntie said…
I was sick beforehand. They made me more sick. Also, I had to take several Jane Eyre breaks to wash the yuck out of my brain.

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