Don't let it bring you down

Now is the time when I exercise my annual right as a Western New York Snow Lover to say, "Fuck snow!" I am done with it for the year. Yesterday I woke up and was dismayed to see the world white again, after several weeks of green and relative warmth. I just bought new sandals and peep-toe shoes, and I want to wear them without coming into contact with any snow! Oh, and short skirts without tights! Sleeveless shirts without cardigans over them!

As much as I do enjoy my wintertime, there is a time for winter to end.


And yes, I realize that there are much bigger, more crucial things going on than my snow aversion. I have been paying attention to all of the unrest and revolutions, the bombings in Libya, the ever-eroding rights of women to choose in the US. The earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I am paying attention to these things, even if I don't feel able to offer any sort of deep analysis, and so many other people say and do so many brilliant things to help that often all I can do is get starry-eyed at their brilliance and nod my head and donate to help the cause.  (In other news, I am giving more to various charities.)

You're not going to hear any end-of-the-world insanity from me. Instead, I like to focus on stories like this, about a man who scuba-dived into the tsunami to save his family.


And again I bring up my little effort to help the world. This year I am participating in the Ride for Roswell, a huge bicycling event that helps to raise money for cancer research at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. If you are feeling generous, you can donate to my ride on my page. I would certainly appreciate it, and I can vouch for the good work that RPCI does.


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