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I don't have cable. I only got that wave-box thing for my TV last spring, and it took me at least two months to finally take the thing out of its box and hook it up to the TV and make sure it worked. I tell you this so that I don't blow your mind here. I tell you this to emphatically point out that I am way outside the TV loop. And then I follow with:

I have finally gotten on the "Lost" bandwagon. Yes, I know a lot of what's coming, I know the ending, and I have heard all of the disappointments, but still, I am excited. I have just finished season 3, and I am excited.

What I am in the mood (wink, wink) to discuss today is my love for my two favorite characters right now, John Locke and Ben Linus.

I have enjoyed Terry O'Quinn's work and face and smile and eyes for a long time. I think "Young Guns" was the first movie I noticed him in.

I've always had a soft spot for him; I would see him in things and think, "I like that guy."

But it was only when I saw him as John Locke on "Lost," with the dusty clothing (almost all in the brown color family) and the eye scar, the anger that is always so close to the surface under the wise smile, that flicker of crazy... it was only then that I thought, "Whoa. I'd like me some of THAT."

Is it me, or does he look shorter in the flashbacks, when he has that weird reddish-brown hair?


Oh, the knife throwing! I really enjoy the knife-throwing. I like his knife-throwing pose a lot. In fact, on the DVD special features, there is a little featurette in which Terry O'Quinn showcases his knife-throwing skills - it is pretty sweet.

I was all:

Goddamn, I enjoy John Locke.

And then we have Ben Linus, played by Michael Emerson. I can honestly say that I've never seen this dude before I started watching "Lost," although I knew that he is married to Carrie Preston, who plays my least favorite character on True Blood, Arlene.

Isn't she annoying? So righteous and judgmental and mean (she is much worse in the books, though, so I guess there's that).

I do like Carrie Preston. But Arlene pisses me off. I guess that makes Ms. Preston a pretty good actor.

And they seem happy together. And she looks much better blonde.

Um. Anyway, about Ben Linus.  Cool, calculating, cunning, charismatic, charming in his own odd way. How could I not adore him? All evil and devious and manipulative. Love, love, love.


I didn't fully start to enjoy Benjamin Linus until John Locke came to the Barracks and started interacting with him. They both share messianic qualities, a sureness of purpose, a tendency to keep things pretty close to the vest, a sort of commanding air. That crazy glint that surfaces when they're challenged. The way they played off of each other, the way they distrusted each other, the way John Locke was so hopeful and Ben Linus was so jealous. When they finally got openly hostile, I couldn't contain myself anymore. I started yelling at the screen, "JUST SMOOCH ALREADY AND GET IT OVER WITH!"

Obviously I am not the only internet denizen who thought so.

Wait, one more:

NOW I'm done.

P.S. Jack and Kate annoy the flying fuck out of me, so don't expect to see them here anytime soon. Yeeeeech.


Julia said…
This is everything I was hoping for--and then some. (That's what she said.)

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