dioramas are awesome

Surprise, surprise - more car trouble. It was only the starter, which hasn't been replaced in years, and is a manageable expense. All of this happened at a local Delta Sonic, and the workers were SO NICE, and tried to help as much as they could. I kept apologizing for blocking a pump on such a busy afternoon, but they kept saying, "NO, don't even worry about it!" They even gave me a ride home when it was obvious that my car would have to be towed. SO NICE! I have to write them a thank-you letter.

Of course, I wish the starter had waited a few months, and then died quietly after I got a new(er) car. Well, if wishes were horses... wait, where the fuck would I keep a horse?

I was sort of glum, off and on, all weekend about it. Not depressed, just sort of down. Sick of the whole mess. But in between, I read, and watched "Tucker and Dale vs. Evil" and episodes of "30 Rock." And, now that the car has been to my beloved garage and is back home, I am pretty blasé about it, actually. And even more determined to save up and get something new to me, this spring or summer.


I haven't taken my tiny Christmas tree down yet. It finally snowed a substantial amount on Friday, so I decided to keep the tree up and actually enjoy it with the snow outside. I guess I can take the tree down now - it's raining out, and the snow is disappearing. Maybe next year I'll have a White Christmas.


I went to the Buffalo Museum of Science on Monday - it had been YEARS. I discovered that the dinosaurs have all but disappeared from the museum, that I really enjoy dioramas, and that the Egyptian rooms are still my favorite. I did like the Marchand section, too, and the gems. In the Marchand room, I kept thinking about this story.


Tonight I am going to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch, after a dinner at a local German-Irish restaurant and pub. I am excited!! And then this weekend is full of birthdays, birthdays, birthdays. My sister had her birthday last weekend, and Lyra turns 3 today, and Owen turns 6 on Saturday. It should definitely be a good family weekend.


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