Winter is playing with my emotions.

Winter keeps teasing me. We have either November weather or April weather, and then maybe 2 or 3 days of January. There is the thinnest crust of dirty old snow on the ground now, on the edges of the streets and the sidewalks, but otherwise it's green and gray. No white to be found, unless you count the salt stains on some streets. Last night I went to dinner with Ami and Jon, and we were pelted with the tiniest little hail balls. I thought it was cute, but it was still a tease.

I just want a nice, calming, fluffy blanket of snow! Snow to dampen all of the noise, snow that sparkles at night. Snow keeps me calm. WHY DOESN'T THIS WINTER WANT ME TO BE CALM?!?

Well, I think that I'll be calmer pretty soon. Because both roommates are moving out. Lately they've been very quiet and neat, or just plain not around, and that is nice. But I am wishing for roommates who do their dishes and clean up their messes without being asked, or who... yeah, you probably already know this list of roommate wishes. I mustn't belabor the point.

Back to dinner last night - Ami and Jon and I checked out Cantina Loco, which was very impressive. I had the chips with queso and chorizo, and the fish taco: delicious. More than enough food, though of course I could not quit picking at the chips and queso and chorizo. And I washed it all down with two Dark 'n Stormies, which is a rum and ginger beer drink, with lime juice. Yummy and refreshing, and now my new favorite mixed drink. Although I guess it's not too hard to beat my old favorite mixed drink, the good 'ol rum and coke. Or "Cuba Libre," if you want to get all fancy with it.

I will be watching Ami and Jon's dog Otis this weekend, and I can't wait!



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