First off, if you have the chance (or if you have Spotify), check out the band First Aid Kit. I am in love. Folky music, gorgeous harmonies.

I have been sick lately, since Thursday. I am actually fine today, but for the past few days, I have been achy and exhausted. Since I was dogsitting, I spent a lot of time cuddled up with Otis. And since it was a sort of wet, slushy weekend, Otis didn't mind that our walks were cut a bit short by my creakiness and fatigue. In fact, sometimes I had to coax him to walk just a little bit more. I think his exercise was made up a bit yesterday and this morning - even though it was windy (very windy last night), it was not wet, so he was all business, walking and walking and walking.

Now Otis is at his house, and Floyd is doing his usual "Where's the dog? I want to hang out with him finally!" routine.

Otis and Zelda got along pretty well. She completely ignored Otis when he was here last summer, but the other day she was sitting in the kitchen, and he ran up to her, and they sniffed each other and were both pretty cool about it. Unlike Floyd. Although I did get some nice pictures of Floyd and Otis both laying on me, less than half a foot from each other.

I drank quite a lot of wine on Friday night, kind of facetiously reasoning that the wine would kill the sick germs. But hey, other than a bit of a wine headache yesterday (it had been a while since I had wine), I did feel much improved. AND I got through season 1 of the newer Doctor Who! ...And I am addicted now.

Oh, one other thing. The whiny dude roommate moved out, and I cannot BELIEVE how he left his room. I don't know how or when it got drummed into me that when you move out of a place, you clean the place as well as possible, but I thought that everyone knew that rule. Perhaps I'm naive.


Whiny dude roommate left garbage on the desk and floor, clothes he didn't want in the closet, balled up on the floor. Pine needles everywhere on the carpet. And he was using Shon's bedding, which of course he left in a dirty ball on the bed. I wonder if he washed the bedding the whole time he was here? I guess I shouldn't be so shocked at the state of things, since he was a slob outside of his room, but it does shock me. I bet his new roommates are gonna LOOOOOOVE him.


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