Reading Invasion? *EDITED to include more Pothead stupidity*

Oh, how I love this idea. I've always toyed with having a reading party, and sometimes I meet friends at coffee shops, and we just hang out and read and talk if we feel like it. But reading with a bunch of strangers, all of us there to read in a park? LOVE it! I just started reading 11/22/63 by Stephen King, and I want to read more of it.


I am so completely and totally sick of Pothead. He is now the only roommate I have, other than when Shon is in town, and Pothead is repulsive. He seriously can't seem to do anything without making a mess of it, and of course he just leaves the mess. Even when he wipes his hands on the towel in the bathroom, he manages to pull the towel half off the rack. I know that sounds nitpicky, but I am constantly straightening the towel so that it doesn't fall on the floor, and then ten minutes later, it's a crumpled-up mess again. Or, you know, he'll take a shower, and he'll leave the plastic shower curtain half out of the tub, dripping water all over the floor.

He seriously seems to fuck stuff up on purpose. Everything he touches turns to mess.

Lately he's been making coffee on occasion. Usually I have to turn the coffeemaker off because he forgets to (and I'm not talking about a few hours after he made coffee. I'm talking the next day), and then I keep an eye on whether he cleans to coffeemaker or not. Wet coffee grounds left for days in 90-degree heat? It doesn't smell good, let me tell you. It smells pretty gross, actually.

So the day before yesterday I had to ask him to clean out the coffeemaker. Even though he's been home all day, every day for a week, he is apparently far too busy to clean out the coffeemaker. And he's the only one who uses it when Shon is out of town.

He cleaned out the coffeemaker that night... and then yesterday I came home from work and found a disgusting mess in the bathroom. I wondered if it was a revenge mess because I asked him to clean the coffeemaker, but no, I think he's just a vile human being. He left the plunger IN the toilet, I guess to show me he tried, but it seriously took me only 5 seconds to plunge the toilet. And then it took me much longer to disinfect everything. UGH. I even disinfected the toilet brush and the plunger. I felt bad for them. And I was pretty pissed off.

So he'd better not try talking to me, ever again. He won't anyway, because the last time I brought up the fact that I didn't appreciate him leaving messes in the toilet for other people to clean up, he said, "We're not discussing that." He is so revolting. He's a giant, greasy troll slob who only eats Jim's Steakout and can't use a toilet properly. And while I need to rant about him occasionally, I also need to ignore him at times, because just thinking about him makes me nauseous.


I saw "Brave" last night and absolutely loved it. I went to a 6:50 PM showing with a friend, and I think at least half of the audience were very small children. All of them chattering away at certain points of the movie, or laughing like lunatics whenever something funny happened. I think it really heightened my enjoyment of the film, listening to all of these little kids enjoying it. I need to see more family films in the theater.


Pothead just told me that he would really appreciate it if I would clear out room in the refrigerator for HIS Tupperware. I said, "Why do I have to do it?"
"Well, do you want me to just smash all of your stuff out of the way?"
"It's not all my stuff!"
"Well, whose is it?"
"Shon's, other roommates who have lived here..."

IS HE FUCKING SERIOUS?!? Does he think I'm his housekeeper? What an entitled piece of shit!


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