These Things Have Happened.

These things happened in this chronological order:

1. I got a new car!!

Yes, Clive has finally been put out to pasture after twelve long years, most of them good. I went to West Herr last Saturday, and was SO taken care of! I ended up driving away with a Ford Freestyle.

You can't tell here, but it's a light green.
It is not at all what I had in mind (smaller, gas-efficient), but I drive so little that I'm not going to feel guilty about the gas part. And it handles better than the Lumina, even though it's just as long. And it's big and steady and stable, and it'll be great for the winter. And I love it, and I'm going to call it "Tree," based on this guy from Mystery, Alaska:

Giant and muscular
2. My mom had her hip surgery!!

And she went through it with flying colors. I was a bit anxious, but all of the car nonsense actually helped, in that I was calm and exhausted and didn't have the energy for full anxiety. And of course mom is fine. She actually got out of the hospital a day early! And now she's bopping around her house with two brand spankin' new hips (well, the one is a bit older than the other, since it was replaced last October). HOORAY!

3. I caught up with people in my hometown.

My friend Kelly was in town from Montreal, so we met up in my hometown on Friday. It was such a good time, good beer, good music at the end. After driving and driving and hospital visits and hospital visits, it was nice to sit back and relax and marvel at how much my hometown has changed. And it was great to catch up with Kelly, and I think I'll be seeing her in Buffalo some time this week.

After driving back to Buffalo yesterday...

4. I took Julia to her first Taste of Buffalo EVER!

Sangria Slushies. That's all I have to say. And I think that's all Julia has to say too. I mean, don't get me wrong, the food in Buffalo is good, but the sangria slushies from Merritt are transcendent. Or, if you prefer, SCRUMTRULESCENT.

5. I got to see Sleigh Bells in concert.

Julia and I grabbed our friend Jon and went to the Town Ballroom to see Sleigh Bells. We didn't hear a lot of Jel, but we enjoyed Class Actress. AND THEN SLEIGH BELLS ROCKED OUR FUCKING FACES OFF. And they opened with "Demons," my favorite song of theirs:

So, yeah, it was a pretty intense show. And Alexis Krauss, the singer, was dancing all over, whipping her hair and her crazy, long limbs around.. And I have a bit of a crush on her right now.

...And then we headed out for more drinks. It was a good night for drinks.


Jon and I headed back down to the Taste of Buffalo. I had a few meat sandwiches and filled right up, and then we had more sangria slushies. God, those things are so good. Oh, and we quite enjoyed Hit and Run, a party band that was playing near the sangria slushies. They were definitely fun to watch.

So now I am up to date, sitting here in my family room. I'm still not used to being home, but I'd better get used to it. And I return to work tomorrow, and I'm kind of excited, but also wondering what kind of problems are waiting for me. I guess I'd better rest up.


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