I sure did have fun though.

The house has been blissfully Pothead-free this week. Sadly, I haven't been home a lot to enjoy it, though I have been living the high life, Buffalo style!

On Sunday, I Garden Walked and then enjoyed plentiful sangria on a friend's deck.

On Monday, I saw First Aid Kit, who are amazing Swedish sisters singing Americana/folk.

I was home on Tuesday, but I was tired and PMS-y, and didn't fully appreciate the quiet and neatness of a Pothead-free house. My bad.

On Wednesday, I did a bit of household shopping, and then finally saw "Moonrise Kingdom", which I loved. So much. "The Royal Tenenbaums" is one of my favorite movies ever, and "Moonrise Kingdom" had a similar feel of nostalgia and quirkiness. So that was a good time.

...and last night I saw The Jesus and Mary Chain at the Harbor, with several friends. Also a good time.

I have had a lot of fun this week. But I am a bit sad that I wasn't home more, to read and watch movies and wander the quiet house. I wasn't around to fully appreciate not having to straighten the towel every time I go into the bathroom, or all of the gross noises that I wasn't hearing.

Pothead's suitcase was huge and full, but I don't dare to hope that he'll be gone more than a week. I'm going to Familyland for the weekend, and when I return on Sunday night, I expect the house to be Pothead-infested once again.


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