the universe in a blade of grass

I am, right this minute, enjoying the musical stylings of Sean Rowe. I might just listen to this album over and over again, all morning long. I love his deep voice, and I love the quietness of his songs. The misleading simplicity.

Later we're going on a work excursion on the MoondanceCat, a two-hour tour around the Buffalo Harbors. It'll be a lovely afternoon boat ride, and of course I will have this song in my head the entire time:

...and I may sing it out loud.

This evening, there is another Buffalo Reading Invasion. The last Reading Invasion was so nice: everyone got very quiet and read and read. And then, after the hour had passed, it was like a switch was flipped, and everyone started socializing. There were a lot of kids, a lot of families; I saw one man reading while walking around, with a small baby cradled in the other arm. I love Buffalo because of things like this - Buffalonians love their food, their music, their art, their drinking... and their reading. I expect tonight's reading invasion to be even bigger.

I have been reading Stephen King's "11/22/63" for the last month (it's huge, don't judge me!), and I am getting toward the end. I know from my vast experience with Mr. King's books that things will probably start happening fast from now on, with many cuts to other scenes, and possibly the sudden deaths of characters that I've come to love. I'll try my best to not exclaim or start yelling while everyone else is silently reading...



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