Even though

I had a looong weekend, almost half of it unintentional, because I was sick. I couldn't tell you what I came down with, because it felt different every day. On Thursday I had a sore throat and that head cold feeling; on Friday I felt drugged to the point of exhaustion - I came to work feeling fine, but had to leave early because I could barely lift my head; on Saturday I felt great, if a little sniffly; on Sunday my sinuses were wreaking havoc (not infected, just inflamed); yesterday I was OK but tired.

It was sort of exciting but also awful to see what each new day would bring, in terms of symptoms. It was awfully exciting.

And it was lucky that I felt OK on Saturday. I was able to leave the house to see "Pitch Perfect," which was so great, and to buy groceries, which were sorely needed. Since I believe in the healing power of beer, it was procured and drank (drunk?) on Saturday and Sunday, which is why I felt alright yesterday. Don't argue with me - it's SCIENCE!

Otherwise, I sat on the couch in the family room, alternating between watching "Twin Peaks" and "The Walking Dead," season 2. It's my first time watching "Twin Peaks," and even though I know the major spoilers, it's still a delightfully weird and occasionally very disturbing experience. I love how people alternate between telling Agent Cooper that his out-there methods are the only thing that will work and telling him that he's crazy. I love that all of his dreams come true in some way. I love the (seemingly) random storylines outside the scope of the Laura Palmer murder investigation. Like Nadine going into a coma and waking up with superhuman adrenaline-fueled strength, convinced that she's back in high school. I am retroactively sad that the series didn't last longer.

I don't know if I mentioned it, but a group of friends and I are planning to attend the Prom of the Dead dressed as Twin Peaks characters, and I'll be going as the Log Lady.

I've got this face down already.

Once I finish "Twin Peaks", I'm going to start rewatching "The X-Files." It seems like a natural progression.

Anyway, I also got a lot of sleep from Wednesday night on, and even though I knew it was a bad idea, I took a two-hour nap yesterday afternoon. It was almost like a nostalgia nap, to commemorate all of the sick-sleep I got all weekend. I didn't get to sleep last night until 1 AM. I guess after 10+ hours of sleep every night, and naps when needed, it was inevitable that I'd sleep to the point where I couldn't anymore. But it was lovely while it lasted. Even though I was sick, the sleeping was lovely.


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