falling leaves

I planned on attending Artists and Models on Saturday, but last week I entered one of my "I vant to be alone" periods, and I just knew that, as awesome as it sounds, a large, crowded art party was not going  to be any fun for me. At 34 years old, I have finally become very comfortable with skipping things that I should want to do but don't want to do. I have become adept at recognizing when quiet time is more a requirement than a desire, for my well-being and for my sanity.

And so I ran away to mama's house for the weekend, and it was perfect, and just what I needed. I read, and wrote in my journal, and played video games, and cooked chili, and had tea and a few beers, and watched movies with my mother and various nephews. I slept in, and slept well.

I had actually forgotten about the local Falling Leaves Festival, which was outdoors, close to mom's house, and small enough to not freak me out. Mom and I walked around for a very short time on Saturday, looking for fudge, but alas, there was none. We shared an indian taco instead, and then went home. Owen spent the night on Saturday, and yesterday we all went to the parade together, to see Kailyne walking with her dance class.

Happy Kailyne
I was Owen's personal armchair for much of the parade, except when he got up to grab the huge amount of candy being thrown his way.

After the parade (short on length but long on time), we walked over to the festival again, so that Owen could ride the three rides. I went on the spinning apple ride with him, which was a bit nauseating for me, but we both liked the ferris wheel.

high up
The guy running the ride teased that we'd get stuck at the top, which opened Owen's mind to all kinds of possibilities. I told him that if we did get stuck at the top, we'd have to shimmy down the sides, grabbing onto the lights. Of course, we were at the top when the ride operator stopped the ride to start letting people off, so Owen turned to me, all smiley, and said, "Well, we have to climb down, let's go!" Ha ha ha, NO.

"Let's go!"

And then we waited for forever in the face-painting line. I was pretty impatient with the wait time, but Owen kept grabbing my arm and throwing it around his shoulders, so I couldn't get too irritated. He had a skull painted over half of his face.

solemn skull

Once we finally got to mom's, we laid together on the couch and watched a movie, until it was time for him to go home. I have to take every chance to cuddle with him, because he's 6, and soon he'll be too old for cuddling. He won't think it's cool anymore.

Oh, AND my mom is walking very, very well.


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