The Ghost Who Walks

I had a marvelous coworker named Robert. I used to love going to him with work questions, because it would never just be a straight question-and-answer session. Instead, it would turn into a chat about food, drinks, house repair, music, movies, whatever. Every time he saw me, he would chirp my name in a funny, high voice that always made me laugh. He was a pretty happy guy; even when he was swearing at a database, he seemed joyful about it. And let me tell you, hearing someone say, "You dirty motherfucker!" in a joyful tone is a DELIGHT.

Yes, I very much enjoyed Robert. And everyone else in the office very much enjoyed him.

Robert passed away last Friday, after a brief illness. We're all going to miss him so much. Rest in peace, Robert.


I have fallen into and been consumed by Karen Elson's album "The Ghost Who Walks." I've had the album for a while, and I liked it before, but lately I can't stop listening to it. She's a bit like the Pierces, maybe spookier, her voice smokier. I'm jealous of her songwriting abilities, and her voice. Oh, and she's a model. And she was married to Jack White - when they announced their divorce, they did it on an invitation to a giant party that they threw for the occasion. Isn't that the coolest? I mean, if you're going to get divorced.


Tomorrow night is the yearly Halloween party at Ami and Jon's. My costume is done, and I can't wait to wear it. A sparkly gem sweater (gems applied with tacky glue), gold leggings, glittery gold flats, my hair into a huge bouffant in front, curls in the back, red 1980s eyeglasses, crazy rainbow makeup. This is my muse:

Leslie Hall!


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