It has been a whirlwind of a week, with the shopping and the parties and the eating (the kind of eating that makes you tired). Cheese. So much cheese.

We had our company holiday party at a bowling alley on Tuesday. We also had "theme teams," which is not really my thing, but I did participate, a little. We were the Rough Rockers, and our team was worst first game. We cheered very loudly when we won. Rock stars don't care about high bowling scores.

Bowling is something that I definitely don't do enough of. I had the power, but my aim was non-existant. If I bowled on a regular basis, it would be like learning to do lay-ups in basketball - a struggle, and then a click, and fluid movement that you don't even think about. I could get into bowling. And then I could have my own, beautiful ball, and a chamois to clean it, and a nice bag to put it in, and my own shoes to wear.

It was kind of fun to go out Christmas shopping, after the bowling party, dressed as a rocker. I finished all of my shopping and wrapped EVERYTHING that night. And Wednesday was our team holiday luncheon, catered by Moe's. A fajita bar, people! I am so addicted to Tex-Mex right now. And, on top of that, we had a chocolate fondue fountain.

And Wednesday night was my first White Elephant party. It was so much fun, although I expected really horrible gifts, and a lot of the gifts were pretty useful and not horrible. Someone did get a Ted Nugent CD, though...

There was the cutest little guy there, a 16-month-old baby. He kept sharing his toys with everyone, and his books, and his creepy baby doll (when I held it and pressed on it, it said, "MAMA, CHANGE BABY!" in a very scary voice. No thank you!). He was very interested in all of the host's books, and he kept pulling down the biggest books he could find. He'd plop on the floor and go through the books very carefully.

Anyway, I ended up with some very old, very dusty red and blue candles. And one holder.

Last night I had a little kiki with some coworkers, and we tried the lovely Bubbly Flight at Just Vino, and then I ate at Fat Bob's for the first time ever! I can't wait to have my leftover Texas Mac N' Cheese for lunch.

WHIRLWIND. I am very happy to have been such a social butterfly all this week, and to eat all of this wonderful food (so much cheese). I will also be very happy to pack up the car and drive to my mother's tonight. Even if I have to drive through Winter Storm Draco - awesome name, by the way - I will get there, and I will relax and enjoy a family Christmas.


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