"I was just wondering if we could share organs, if needed."

 me:  Hey, what is your blood type?
 Julia:  I have no idea
 me:  Huh
 Julia:  how does one find out something like that?
do they tell you when you give blood?
 me:  give blood, or your doctor knows
I'm O-Neg
 Julia:  universal donor
 me:  I was just wondering if we could share organs, if needed
 Julia:  are you afraid someone is going to take a kidney while you sleep?
 me:  Nah, I'm a light sleeper 
I honestly don't know what made me think of it
I don't even know what blood types Mark and Nicky are
though they are both smokers and drinkers
 Julia:  yeah, you probably wouldn't want their organs
 me:  I'll bet Ami's organs are pretty healthy
 Julia:  yeah, she doesn't even swear to blacken them
 me:  and she eats a lot healthier than I do
dude, if swearing blackens your organs, I'm fuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked
 Julia:  haha
 me:  it says a lot about both of us that you're just rolling with this
 Julia:  i'm totally, "you bring up an interesting point"
 me:  "Ooh, which of my friends and family members would be harvestable?"
"Or nice enough to give me something that they don't absolutely need?"
 Julia:  haha
So, you know, this is what I chat about with my pals. It's good to know where you stand.


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