Finally, someone common-senses all over the gun control debate, in an enviably concise way. (Yes, I just used "common sense" as a verb).


I wrote my master's thesis on David Anderson's mother, Martha Jackson. The news of a print sale from Anderson's collection, to benefit local community organizations, makes me happy, happy, happy. Even if I can't afford to buy anything (I would love to get my hands on a John Hultberg print).


I'm going to surprise just everyone by saying that, so far, this winter has not been wintery enough for me. Where is my blue light? Where is my snow-quiet? I want these things. I haven't even gotten to shovel yet. And we just had our thaw, a month early, so the snow that fell while I was away has completely disappeared.

I miss my winter light.

I am not one for chain restaurants, and I pick on my sister all the time about her love for them, but damned if I didn't get a massive hankering for Outback Steakhouse today. Either the Alice Springs Chicken, or a steak. Ooh, and a Bloomin' Onion. Ooh.


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