Ms. Social

It was such a beautiful weekend.

I took the longest walk on Saturday afternoon, after a little spring cleaning in my room. I ambled all over Buffalo. Everyone I encountered was so bouncy and happy, because the sun was finally out, and the snow was mostly melted. People were gardening, or riding their bikes, or washing their cars. I quite enjoy winter, but we hadn't seen the sun at length for weeks, it seemed, and the Vitamin D was much needed.

I went to a charitable beer blast on Saturday night - I know, so unlike me, but "charitable" is the key word here. But the beer on offer was high-quality stuff, and for $20 I drank as much as I wanted from 7 to 9 PM, and a lot of money was raised for a good cause. Afterward, I went with Julia to see the Albrights at the Sportsmens Tavern. My eyelids were drooping at the end of the night, but I was social for a while there. 

Yesterday the weather was even more gorgeous, so I decided to walk down to the local movie theater to see "Oz the Great and Powerful." It was an interesting story, and beautiful, but some of the CGI was weird, and James Franco was a little too... James Franco for me. Having every female character in the movie fall in love with him immediately was pretty laughable, since I find him annoying and not handsome. And one character's angry yelling, which was supposed to be scary and powerful, just sounded kind of teenagery, petulant, and bratty. Not frightening.

Then to Just Vino for Green Dot Day, a wonderful invention. Basically, any glass of wine from an already opened bottle is half off. Ami and I had some nibbles and some wine, and enjoyed the lovely breeze coming in through the open door.

It's supposed to start snowing again this week, but it was nice to have a weekend of sunshine and fun, to hold us over until spring gets here for real.


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