spring fever

I like very strong, very obvious beginnings and endings. This is why seasons (especially in western New York) have always sort of annoyed me. Spring especially. Spring is the shortest season in this area, because we go from freezing cold to oppressively hot way too quickly.

I know it's only the first day of spring, but I am so done with the snow and the wind! Especially after my driver's side windshield wiper snapped off on Monday night.

It's cool. Tree needed an oil change anyway, and I wasn't super impressed with the Bosch windshield wipers, which were described as "the Porsche of wipers" when I bought the car. Whoo-freakin'-hoo. They weren't that great in the rain or in the snow. So oil change tonight, and cheaper, probably better windshield wipers.

Yeah, my car also needs a severe cleaning, but why bother when it's still snowing and crappy out? And I have some sweet new stickers to slap on my car, including an incredible Tom Waits sticker, but not until the car is clean.

Not until the snow stops. Which could be mid-May.

There was a weekend, a few weeks ago, when it was 70 degrees out. The sun was lovely. I had my car windows down, the sun roof open, and how sweet it was. One afternoon, I stopped by the local wine bar, and they had their door open. And now I want that really badly! I want some springtime. I want to be able to walk without looking down to make sure that I don't slip on ice. I want to be done with winter hats and gloves and scarves. I want a lighter coat. I want sandals on my feet. I want porch beers and warmer breezes.

I would settle for seeing some crocuses.


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