the summer that wasn't

I know, summer isn't really officially over, but I'm calling it. This summer kind of sucked.

My poor mom has been battling with some kind of skin condition, after she had a bad reaction to a prescription that she first got (and immediately stopped taking) in May. She's been to her doctor several times, and to Urgent Care - and she found out that she's allergic to sulfa antibiotics. On Sunday I had to drive her to Urgent Care, her second visit, because her hands had gotten so bad again. And the rest of her skin has been itchy and peeling, all summer long, which has affected her sleep, and her comfort in general. Poor mama.

And my brother has gotten temporary full custody of his youngest daughter. He and mom have been dealing with all of the hearings and meetings all summer. Messy, messy, messy, and I saw some of the fallout last week.

I have been battling fleas for a solid two months. My brother's dog has them, so now my cats have them. I have tried so many things before finally settling on a combination of diatomaceous earth powder for the floors and furniture, and Dawn dish soap for cat baths. And then last night I came home from a weeklong vacation, cats in tow. And there were fleas EVERYWHERE, all over the floors, attacking my ankles. I threw down so much DE powder that all of my floors and furniture are white with it. And tonight I'll be treating the cats with pills that kill the fleas instantly, along with a treatment to keep the fleas from coming back, and I have to clean the floors and wash my bedding. I know my problems aren't as major as my mom's or my brother's, but dammit, I'm sick of this shit. And I WILL WIN!

But hey, it's almost fall.


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