the future is coming on, is coming on, is coming on

Oh, I love the rain of today. It’s so fine, it’s more like a steadily falling mist. I just want to go outside, and raise my face up to the sky, and take in the water and get hydrated.

I gave blood today, pre-tattoo. I already knew that I was O-Neg (a “Type-O Hero”), but I never knew that I was CRV-Neg, or was it CRG? CRN? Either way, I’ve never had exposure to some really common infection, so my blood can be given to premies, cancer patients, AIDS patients… anyone with a compromised or delicate immune system. Pretty cool, yes? I wish I’d known this earlier, I would have given blood more regularly. Well, that’s my own fault. After my tattoo and my one-year waiting period, I’ll try to stick to a schedule. I know the Red Cross will be calling me.

I have a lot going on in the next few days. Tomorrow I have a job interview and a tattoo appointment, and then I need to go shopping for yummy foodstuffs for the party I’m having on Saturday! I was just going to go with cheese and crackers, chips and salsa, but I’ve decided to get a little more creative than that. Yes, I will have chips and salsa, but I will also have baguette slices with either bruschetta and mozzarella or blue cheese and honey, put under the broiler so they’re melty and toasty. I will also make cupcakes.

PARTY HEARTY!! Party serious.

I’m really excited for this party, not only because some of my awesome friends are coming, but also because I think my mom and my sister Nicky and her boyfriend Billy are coming, and they’re bring Nicky and Billy’s assorted offspring. Yes, three of my nephews (Izaak and Malachai and Owen) and two of Billy’s kids (Marc and Paige) will be running around and totally breaking the ice. And I’m sure they’ll leave kind of early, and then the rest of us can get as crazy as we want. Perfect!!


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