Times of day

Monday morning, 1:38 PM, and I am tired in the brain. So tired that I just wrote “morning” instead of “afternoon,” which is what I obviously meant. I thought that tuna fish was supposed to be brain food? Well, it didn’t nourish my brain, but it did manage to slop itself all over my shirt, so that I had to change (thank heavens I work not far from my home). Yes, I did just blame the tuna fish. No, no one from work has noticed the wardrobe change.

Maybe my brain is just sun-fried. I watched a grand total of five lacrosse games this weekend, all in sizzling heat on sizzling bleachers, and my SPF 50 was worth practically nothing. I am sad, for I didn’t want a tan.

Malachai scored the winning goal in his game on Saturday! He and Izaak both play, on different teams because of their ages. Lacrosse really seems to be Malachai’s sport, since this is his first year, and they started not too long ago, and already he’s doing so well. He’s got a healthy amount of anger, which helps him out. He goes for the ball, and he doesn’t mind hitting or getting hit. Izaak, conversely, is too laid-back and, well, lazy. He doesn’t want to sweat, he doesn’t want to get hit, though he will hit a little. Nicky joked that she was going to start chasing him around with a lacrosse stick to get him in the game.

Other than that, I got some early birthday presents from my mom – a lilac candle, a rockin’ Grim Reaper shirt and SNL’s Best of Christopher Walken.

And I am getting myself a birthday present on Friday, the actual day. I am getting myself a tattoo for my right forearm! It’s about time too; I haven’t had a tattoo in several years, and I’ve been talking about getting the Buffy scythe for a while. My friends are sick of hearing about it. Now they’re gonna see it.

And now it is 3. In the afternoon. See, I do know my times of day.


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