weekend roundup

The subject line of spam I got today: “Look here or get AIDS.”


I am pretty exhausted right now, but also satisfied. I had an active, fun-filled weekend. Maybe a little too much sun for my own good, even though I was wearing SPF 50.

Saturday I checked out the Greek Fest, which was a good time, though a bit more expensive than I expected. My friends Kelly and Ami and I enjoyed some Greek food and some Greek beer (Mythos – it had a unicorn on it!). We went in the afternoon, and I heard that the real party starts at night, but I had enough fun and enough beer for that day, considering that the next day was the Pride Parade.

Ami and her boyfriend Jon and I went for a lovely brunch on the parade route. Then some random sunglass shopping – I got some lavender Ray-Ban wannabes – and the owner (?) of the shop had a party going on on the sidewalk, and she said we should help ourselves. We were total hipsters, drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon, Ami with her turquoise sunglasses, me with my lavender, Jon wearing a salmon shirt.

The parade was short but great, and we got free candy and condoms and beads (I abstained from the beads because I don’t do that). Then we headed down to Bidwell to meet up with some friends, including my roommate Shon. We all socialized, drank, fretted about the disgusting porta-potties. Then a few more drinks in our neighborhood, and then we called it a night rather early.

Even though it wasn’t super-sunny, even though I was wearing make-up with SPF 25 AND moisturizer with SPF 15 as well as my usual SPF 50, I still got sunburned. More evenly than Saturday, but a sunburn is a sunburn.

Today I am left with a deep tiredness, caused mostly by sunburn, the ghost of a red smiley-faced stamp on my right hand. I got a lot of outside time this weekend, a lot of walking in. Probably a good thing, because today it’s raining and a bit cold.


I’m having a bit of a party on June 20th. I’m trying to talk my sister and her boyfriend Billy to bring all of their kids. Nothing breaks the ice like 5 kids running around, chasing the cats!


A Fuss said…
Greek festival was ridiculously expensive this year wasn't it? Glad you had fun this weekend! As you know, I did too!

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