the birthdays

The Bitch Ph.D. blog has an entry devoted to how you can safely donate to help Haiti: Help Haiti.

I am down in Familyland again, celebrating a plethora of birthdays - my sister, her boyfriend's oldest daughter Kaylee, my niece Lyra, who turns 1 (!) tomorrow, and my nephew Owen, who turns 4 (!) on Thursday. I got my sister some nice tops for work (including a creamy ivory cardigan that I wanted to keep for myself - but I didn't). Kaylee got some make-up - Sephora isn't selling Cargo anymore, so it was 50% off when I went last weekend (of course I wanted to keep the set of eyeliners for myself - but I didn't). I got Lyra a teddy bear, because she has suddenly gotten all cuddly, and a sweet pair of tights. I got Owen two t-shirts, one with a technicolor skull and another with guitars that says, "I rock."

I wouldn't normally get an almost-4-year-old clothing for his birthday, but Owen is a clotheshorse. I always like to get him shirts or PJs for special occasions (as an auntie, I do not mess around with pants or shoes), and whenever Owen opens a gift that contains clothing, he has to stop EVERYTHING and put that clothing on. Spongebob PJs, racecar shirts, the shirt I got him for Christmas, with a crowned frog on the front and "Prince Charming" across the top. So I knew that he'd be fine with getting shirts from me.

When I was down for New Year's, I was wearing a t-shirt my mom had gotten me for my birthday. It was the Grim Reaper with his huge scythe, riding his horse over a landscape of skulls. I came into my sister's house, and Owen came up, chattering away about what he'd been doing, when suddenly he stopped, and his eyes got really wide, and he said, "I LIKE YOUR SHIRT! I wish I had a shirt like that!"

Well, until he's older, a slightly less scary, slightly more school-friendly technicolor skull will have to do.


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