winter lovin'

White-knuckle driving conditions notwithstanding, I am really enjoying this winter. I am loving the snow and the cold, the hot chocolate moments. I’m loving the fact that my cat has taken to sleeping under the covers with me, curled up in the crook of my arm or against my back. I love how good a hot shower or bath feels in contrast to the chilly air of my apartment. I love the burrowing and bundling that I get to do.

It might go without saying if you know me well, but I love the boots of winter. I love my taupe suede knee-high boots, which have been uglified by the past few winters, but which are still useful when trudging through snow banks. I love the new boots I ordered recently, black moccasins with big sweater cuffs that can be pulled up the calf or folded down around the ankle. I got them yesterday, immediately changed out of the shoes I was wearing (the aforementioned ugly suedes) and put the new boots on – so warm, so comfortable, like slippers that I can wear outside! And I love the boot envy I feel when I see other women in winter boots I adore but can never seem to find myself when I go shopping.

This winter now seems like winters past. No weird weather events, no thawing. The plow drivers might not be used to regular snowfall anymore, but I am feeling very nostalgic, very inspired to dress eccentrically, with a lot of layers and different textures.

I’m also developing a new fascination with hats, gloves and scarves. Last week I picked up a pair of pearl-gray cashmere gloves at a shockingly low price and was ecstatic (almost as ecstatic as I am about my new boots). I’ve gotten so good about wearing a hat, gloves and scarves all winter long that now I want variety, different sets to go with different coats… though, strangely, I’ve only been wearing one coat this winter, a light yellow puffy thing that makes me look like a lemon marshmallow. Perhaps in mid- or late January I’ll pull out my long purple coat, which I love so much.

Buffalonians love to complain about the winters here, but I love the sense of community that springs up as the temperature plummets. Friends and coworkers and strangers tell you to stay warm and be careful, and there’s also a certain playfulness in Buffalo, something that seems to pop up during the winter months. Just today my hairdresser opened his salon door, bellowed “Get back to work!” and then snickered as I walked past, yelling back. I don’t know why I can’t imagine such a thing happening in the summer.

So keep it up, Old Man Winter. Bring back the snow I grew up with! I will dress accordingly, and if I get too cold, I’ll medicate myself with hot chocolate and a good snuggle with Floyd.


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