And then I got just plain aggressive

Hey, remember how I wrote about the new roommate who stole my morning bathroom time, and how I decided to be lazy and passive-aggressive and just get up earlier instead of speaking to him about it? Are you curious to know how that's been going?

WELL! Let me tell you!

It has been two weeks of smooth sailing. I would get up early, brush my teeth, shower, all of that stuff. I then had plenty of time to get dressed and apply my makeup and skip off to work. I wasn't too worried about the new roomie, because his alarm was so loud that I could hear it going off, like, 20 times every morning. He was obviously just pushing snooze, not even bothering to get out of bed and see if the bathroom was available. He was obviously not too worried about when I got out of the bathroom.

Until this morning. This morning, I was a little bit tired, because I had gotten up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and I found myself staring at an unbelievably clogged toilet. So, at 1:30 AM, I was battling with this unbelievably clogged toilet, because SOMEONE didn't bother looking around for the plunger that is RIGHT FUCKING THERE. It took forever. In the middle of the night, I had to deal with a shit-and-toilet-paper-filled toilet. So, yes, when my alarm went off at 6:30 AM, I pushed snooze once. How dare I.

I was in the shower when new roomie started banging on the door. "Are you going to be done soon?" I hid my annoyance and said, "Yes, pretty soon."

He walked away, and then immediately came back and started banging on the door again, "Can I just come in and grab a few things? I have to leave in 5 minutes." And this is my problem because...? I responded, "I am in the shower, I will be right out." At this point, my voice was loud, my annoyance was obvious. He knocked AGAIN, "I don't know if you heard me, can I just come in and grab a few things? I need to leave really soon!" And this is where I lost my shit and bellowed, "I AM IN THE SHOWER! THE DOOR IS LOCKED! YOU CAN'T COME IN!"

Seriously - who the fuck asks a roommate they barely know if they can come in and rummage around while the roommate is in the shower? A self-involved dumbass of the highest degree, that's who. Also, I am the opposite of a morning person. If I was going to commit a violent crime (which I am not), chances are it would happen before 10 AM, because I am openly and obviously grumpy in the mornings. Anyone with working eyes and half a brain can see this immediately. Unless they are a self-involved dumbass of the highest degree.

I grabbed everything I needed and stalked out of the bathroom. New roomie was standing there, looking sullen and stupid. I said, "It is not my problem that you can't get up on time!" He immediately was all, "Well, you didn't have to scream at me!" I said, "Obviously I did, since you don't listen for shit!"

This went on for a bit, and then came my favorite part -  I said, "And if that was your mess in the toilet that I had to take care of in the middle of the night, I didn't appreciate it." He answered with, "...I'm not even going to talk about that. BUT YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO SCREAM AT ME!" Oh, really? We're going to argue about your dumbass hurt feelings, not about the fact that you can't use a toilet properly? Good to know.

Then he mocked my "screaming" in a shrill voice, and I called him a fucking asshole, and that was the end of it, for now.

For someone who was in such a hurry, he sure did have a lot of time to argue.


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