heat wave

Someone keeps finding my blog by googling the entire URL of my blog. I keep wondering... if they know the entire URL of my blog, why don't they type that into the URL box up there in the browser, rather than going to Google and searching for it? Why the extra step? I'm confused.


We are having a heat wave in Buffalo - the expected high for today is 80 degrees. The funny thing is that I went shopping on Saturday with my friend Alex, and I bought a bunch of sleeveless shirts, thinking that either I wouldn't get to wear them for months, or that I'd have to wear them under cardigans. And now I could wear them on their own, but it feels weird to be baring my arms in March, weather be damned. So I'm not wearing those shirts at all, because I feel more comfortable wearing sleeves at this time of year. I am in a quandary. A dumb one.

I turned the A/C on in my room last night, it was so warm. Opening windows is sufficient in the rest of the house, because the breeze is still a tiny bit cool, but I have no openable windows in my room! I know, First World problems...


This weekend I am traveling down to Familyland for the first time in a few weeks. I am more excited than usual, because mama and I are going to see "The Hunger Games!" Mom flew through the books, and the movie is already getting really good reviews. I am excited. And I know I'm going to cry at least once.

Katniss and Rue


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