Dog Dog

I certainly had an interesting weekend with Lenny. He came over to my house on Thursday, and I knew that that would be the hard day, because he hasn't seen my house in years, and because of the cats, and because of the roommates. And Lenny did have a hard time with everything, and he did bark, and bark, and bark. I didn't think of it at the time, but I realized on Friday that I should have turned lights on all over the house - all Lenny saw was strange darkness, so no wonder he barked so much! What can I say? I'm used to cats.

One funny thing though - Pothead came home, and Lenny barked at him, and Pothead said, with disgust, "Whose dog is that? How long is it staying?" I should have told him that Lenny was mine, and Lenny was staying FOREVER.

After work on Friday, I took Lenny down to Familyland. He is SUCH a better traveling companion than poor Floyd, who gets carsick and yowls at me. I had to tie Lenny up in the passenger seat, but he was content to look out the window and let his tongue flap in the breeze.

At my mom's house, I was worried about Lenny interacting with Roy, who is 10 times Lenny's size. But Roy seemed to love Lenny, even when Lenny was barking in his face. And there was a lot (some would say way too much) of butt- and ball-sniffing on either side. I mean, seriously, does the butt smell differently from minute to minute? Gross.

Lenny was very jealous of Roy, and would come over and bark and nip at Roy whenever I gave Roy attention. I really don't think Roy gets how BIG he actually is, and that he could have shut Lenny up with very little effort. Roy seemed so happy to have Lenny around that he would put up with anything, anyway. I think Roy needs more doggy friends.

Lenny did not like Mark or Nicky (maybe because they both smoke? Hmmm), and I think it upset Mark a little, because he likes dogs. Lenny did like my mom, and the smaller kids, and the bigger kids, after a while. He flat-out adored Lyra when she came over. She made a beeline right for him, "Your dog is so cute!" Hearing a cute baby call a cute dog cute? Cuteness overload! Lenny liked her so much that he even sat in Mark's lap to get close to Lyra, and other than me, Lyra was the only person who got face kisses from Lenny.

Oh, except Malachai - I was messing with him, tickling him on my bed, and Lenny came running over to "help." He took the opportunity to slip Malachi some tongue while Malachai was laughing. Dogs are shameless opportunists.

Izaak came over later than Owen and Malachai did, and he was all tall (seriously, how did that kid get so TALL?) and wearing a hoodie, and he had a bike with him, so Lenny flipped out. Izaak ignored the furious barking for a bit, but he finally turned around and chased Lenny down. Lenny is pretty much all bark, so he went scurrying away, trying to escape from Izaak's clutches. But Izaak caught him and barked in his face. Lenny was kind of like, "Oh, OK." For the rest of the weekend, Izaak would randomly pick up Lenny and hold him like a baby, while rhapsodizing about "weiner dogs."

I'm sorry to say that Lenny didn't get a lot of backyard time. It was in the 70s on Friday, and Kailyne and I took Lenny and Roy outside, but Lenny wasn't feeling Roy yet, so there was no playing, and very light exploring. And then the rest of the weekend was freezing and rainy. The dogs didn't get very far past the back porch, and I really didn't blame them.

I dropped Lenny off last night, and he was SO happy to see Julia. And then I went home, and Floyd was SO happy to see me.

Now it's snowing out, and gray, and after work I want nothing more than to go home and veg out, with Floyd cuddled as close as possible. While I highly enjoy my doggy friends, my heart is with the kitties.


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