I know, you've been wondering about how things are going with my new(ish) roomie, Pothead. I haven't seen a lot of him, thankfully, except that he DID knock on the bathroom door and ask if he could grab some things before I got in the shower on Tuesday. I was like, "Fine, whatever," and I tried to hide my disgust with him as I went to brush my teeth in the kitchen. Of course, if you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you probably know that I wasn't altogether successful in hiding my disgust. Nor did I really give a shit if he saw it.

And then he proceeded to pee with the door half open. Sick!

Yeah, he disgusts me. He's always hacking up a lung, then running downstairs to smoke on the porch (or smoking pot - even though he was asking for a pot hook-up "for a friend," I always smell pot outside his room). Sometimes it sounds like he's throwing up in his room, he's coughing so hard. And either he's slamming doors, so hard that the house shakes, or he's leaving the bathroom door wide open, while he takes a piss. And he doesn't think it's his job to pick up his own mail. And SURPRISE, SURPRISE, he has not bought any toilet paper or emptied any garbage since he moved in at the beginning of March.

It disgusts me that he can't get up on time, but he thinks that the bathroom is at his disposal, whether someone else is in there or not. His time is NOT more important than anyone else's. The next time he knocks on the bathroom door, I'm going to completely ignore him and go about my business. Or I'll yell in his face again and really enjoy myself this time. What an asshole.


Due to some family stuff, Julia has to go to Indiana for the weekend, so I will be dogsitting Lenny! Even better, I will be taking Lenny to my mom's house tomorrow night and introducing him to Roy! I think they're going to have a lot of fun together (whether Lenny likes it or not). Roy is more than energetic enough for a spring-loaded dachschund, and my mom has a big, fenced-in backyard for the dogs to go crazy in.

There are always nieces and nephews hanging out, or sleeping over. When Lenny wants to collapse and snooze for a while, there will be a ton of warm human dog pillows to choose from. And I will take a ton of pictures. I am excited.


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