I am done.

Here is a cute story to start us off:
I was walking Floyd last night, and usually he wants no part of anyone walking on the street. He will avoid people, he will act like they aren't there, or he'll act like they want to steal him. One time, he kept darting at a a man who was trying to pet him, like Floyd wanted to eat the man's face. But last night we were walking not far from my house, and these two guys were walking down the sidewalk - rooming-house types. I could smell the alcohol on them.

One of them jumped back and was all, "WATCH OUT! It's a man-eating tiger! From the wilds of Africa!" (Tigers are from Asia, but whatever.) I was enjoying the theatrics, but I was also keeping an eye on Floyd, in case he tried to bolt.

To my surprise, Floyd walked over to them and was like, "PET MY HEAD!!" AND IT WAS SO CUTE. They were fawning all over him, about his green-gold eyes, and about how warm he was (affectionate). Yes, Floyd is always surprising me.


I have the wheels in motion (ha ha) to get a newer car, and hopefully I can have it all done this week. I'm just waiting to hear back from people - if I don't have a newer car this week, I'll rent a car to get down to my mom's for her surgery. I rented a car for Friday and Saturday, because of work, and renting a car for an entire week is actually more cost-effective. I had a Chevy Aveo this weekend, and while I wouldn't want one for my own, it was so nice to be able to parallel park into the tiniest spaces.

Yes, my car apparently has a rotting frame underneath the engine, so the engine could fall out at any time! And I am so done. I wrote in my journal this weekend that it was actually a relief to be told that the car was virtually unrepairable. "Please don't put any more money into this car. Please don't drive this car." I've been struggling with trying to save for a down payment while getting my car repaired since last August, and I am done. I broke into my retirement savings for a down payment, which I was trying so hard not to do, but it is unavoidable now. My car tried to kill me on Thursday, and I am done.

And like I said, I have set everything in motion to get a newer car. I have been worrying about my car dying for far too long, and now that it is here, I'm surprisingly cool and collected. Next week is my mother's hip replacement surgery, so I have bigger things to think about than car problems. And I think mom will enjoy zooming around in a Chevy Aveo too!


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