mama's second hip

My mom's second hip replacement surgery was scheduled for early August, so imagine my surprise when she popped up in my Gchat yesterday and said, "The surgery was rescheduled for July 3rd. Is that OK?"

I know, I know. Maybe if you are a casual reader, you are all apoplectic, "WHY WOULD SHE BE ASKING YOU IF HER SURGERY DATE WAS OK?!?" And I understand. I would normally be ask-screaming the same thing.

Here is the deal: At my work, there is one event that I can't miss, every year, at the end of June. We collect a lot of money at this event, and the money goes toward funding cancer research. It is an amazing, awesome event, and it makes my life, both work and personal, pretty crazy from mid-June to early July. Dealing with donations before the event, deadlines and such, and then making sure that our procedures are in place and strong for dealing with donations after the event.

My mom explicitly told the doctor's office to avoid this event, so when the surgery was scheduled for early August, it was somewhat of a relief. Except, of course, that mom would have been living in pain until then - knowing, as she does, that the surgery will relieve this pain very, very quickly. She has been raring to go with this second surgery ever since she had the first surgery. She recovered so much faster than anyone thought she would. When the office called to tell her that there was a cancellation, and did she want to move up, I'm sure that she couldn't say "yes" fast enough.

AND we are in very good shape now, at work. And I will have a week in between the event and the surgery to make sure that we are in good shape afterward. So I was all, "yes, mom, yes, that is fine." And I promptly took that whole week off from work. Because YAY, my mom is getting her second new hip!!

I know I'll worry somewhat about the surgery; I worry about any surgery involving anesthesia. But I will (hopefully) be less worried than last time.

The other worry is this - since it's the week of July 4th, I'm not going to try to get someone to come over and feed the cats while I'm gone. And I know that my roommates wouldn't do it. So I am going to take BOTH cats to my mom's. I don't know how they'll deal with it, with Zelda and Floyd and ROY! the dog. It will be an experiment, for sure.


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