"You fit the description."

My friend Jon and I attended a party for Lloyd's Taco Truck on Saturday afternoon, because Lloyd's raised enough money for a second truck, and WHOO-HOO! More tacos! Mobile tacos! Tacos on wheels! The party was in the parking lot of a church in our neighborhood.

As we were walking back to our respective houses, we were stopped by an older man who was sitting on a picnic table in the church's garden. He didn't seem to be there for the party... we were walking by, and he said, rather softly, "Todd and Becky?" We didn't think he was talking to us, so we kept walking, but the man said, just a little louder, "Todd and Becky?" And he was acting really shifty.

Jon said that no, we were NOT Todd and Becky, and the man said, "Oh, sorry. You fit the description."

We went on our way, and I kind of forgot about it, until later. Jon brought it up to his girlfriend Ami and my friend Julia, and then we all started thinking about what the man could have been meeting Todd and Becky for. The man was maybe in his 60s or early 70s, dressed kind of preppy. But like I said - he was acting really shifty. REALLY shifty, in a church garden, on a Saturday afternoon.

Ami's mind immediately went to "threesome." The guy answered an ad on Craigslist and was supposed to meet the couple there, and in such an open location, they could cruise by him and decide whether he was to their liking or not.

I was convinced it was something to do with drugs, either buying or selling. Maybe I'm being judgmental, but I'm not sure that a couple in their 30s would be rushing to have a threesome with a man twice their age, unless he lied about himself online. Drugs seemed more likely to me. Although I have a hard time deciding whether he was buying or selling.

Ami and Jon and Julia and I were together for most of the weekend, celebrating Gay Pride - WHOO-HOO! GAY PRIDE! - and we kept talking over this whole encounter. We could never come to an agreement about which story was the likeliest scenario.

And then, this morning, I woke up with the thought that Todd and Becky were obviously killers for hire! The guy DID find them on the internet, and he wants someone wiped out!

And now I'm going to be all paranoid about running into my assassin counterpart.


Now I feel like we should write a screenplay called Todd and Becky: Assassins for Hire. Maybe Lloyd's Taco Truck will return the favor and sponsor us!

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