gold leggings

I went to my mother's for the weekend, and it was very fun and relaxed. Mom and I planned to teach my Aunt Connie "The Facebook," but Aunt Connie was too busy with the birth of her latest grandchild (HOORAY!), so we spent a lot of time at home instead. I played some video games with my nephews, and I caught up on "The Walking Dead."

There were flurries on and off all weekend, tiny little powdered-sugar flakes that disappeared as soon as they hit the ground. Owen got excited when I told him it was snowing, but there really wasn't a lot to see.

Yesterday we had a birthday celebration for Malachai, whose actual birthday is tomorrow. Eleven years old... I got him some books, and an awesome birthday card that made the kids laugh and laugh (it was a pee joke, quite juvenile). Mom made peanut butter cake, and we had ice cream. And there was a lot of general yelling and running around.

I wore my gold leggings from Halloween specifically to horrify my sister. And she was horrified. When I was driving everyone home, I got out to hug every niece and nephew, and Nicky said, "OH MY GOD, you don't have to get out of the car!" A true fact - no matter how old you are, it is still fun to embarrass your siblings. Plus, the pants are comfortable. And GOLD!


Pothead has been gone for two weeks or so, and it has been nice and quiet at home. Shon and I have thrown away a lot of Pothead's rotten food, but I'll take that momentary inconvenience over Pothead blaring videos on his computer, and slamming everything, and being a pig. Floyd has been breaking into Pothead's room to sleep during the day, and he lost his collar and tag somewhere. I'd rather buy Floyd a new collar and tag than touch anything that has been lying around in Pothead's repulsive room. Excluding Floyd, of course.

Although I do want to give Floyd a bath every time he comes out of that nasty, nasty room.


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