I'm not sure how many people come here hoping for a roommate rant, but if anyone does, here is an update on living with Pothead:

He was gone for more than two weeks recently, and it was pretty awesome. At one point, I wondered if he'd moved out under cover of darkness, as so many have, because he doesn't have a job and maybe can't pay rent. But since Floyd kept breaking into Pothead's room and leaving the door open (cats are so inconsiderate), I could see that Pothead's stuff was still in there. And I dreaded his return.

One night, I went to bed in a nice, quiet, empty house. The next morning, I came downstairs and found the toilet seat up. I seriously felt like I was in a scary movie; my face was horrified, my eyes were darting all over the place. Ewww, Pothead was home.

I don't know where he was, but since he came back, he has been worse about doing his dishes and cleaning up after himself. The clogged toilet has started happening again. He seems to go out of his way to mess up everything I neaten, whether he actually uses it or not.

The door-slamming has gotten both more violent and more frequent. Now it is not enough to slam a door so hard that it sounds like a gunshot and shakes the entire house. Now he is slamming a door, opening it, and then slamming it again, two or three times. This morning, I came out of the bathroom and went into the kitchen to get my lunch together. Pothead went into the bathroom and slammed the door four times. FOUR TIMES. I don't understand! That door will stay closed by itself if you close it normally, and it has a lock! Why would you have to slam it four times?!?

Oh, and last night I was making dinner for Julia and I, a nice pasta feast. Pothead kept coming into the kitchen, shoving himself right in my way, being a general douche. It's probably not a bright idea to shove right in the way of someone who is trying to carry a huge pan full of boiling water and pasta to the sink. Someone who dislikes you intensely. But Pothead doesn't seem terribly bright.

I've started to wonder if maybe he is mentally unstable. When I came home on Saturday night, he was on the phone, screaming at the top of his lungs. This went on for an hour. So many times, I've heard him talking on the phone in a normal, reasonable voice, and then, out of nowhere, he'd start screaming as loud as he could. And whenever I try to talk to him about anything, he retreats to his room and starts yelling at me from behind a closed door.

Whether Pothead is unstable or not, he is definitely polluting my home environment. I'm not the kind of patient person who can work all day and then come home to loud, obnoxious bullshit, and messes that I'm apparently supposed to take care of. I need a certain amount of quiet, and I'm sick of having to come home and deal with all of the household stuff, when I'm the only person with a full-time job. It's becoming apparent that I might need to think of removing myself from the roommate situation. If it's not Pothead, it's the Kid, or the woman who thought she had a voodoo curse, or the woman who kept stomping around and screaming while having a mental breakdown. There's always an awful roommate waiting to pop in when someone leaves (though no one has been as quickly or consistently awful as Pothead). I just can't deal with such things anymore. Should I have to?


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