I saw "Skyfall" last weekend.

WELL! I am not a huge James Bond fan, because cool cars and watches and gadgets can't help me overlook what a douche Bond tends to be. But this newer Bond, while still a bit of a douche, is a more tortured douche.

Ouchie on my feelings!

Otherwise, the story was really good, the cinematography was AMAZING, and I absolutely loved Bond's relationship with M (I worship Judi Dench so much). The bad guy creeps me out, and rightfully so, and also, I have always been creeped out by Javier Bardem. Ralph Fiennes' character was a surprise, and Ben Wishaw plays the new Q, and he's all young and cocky. It's a good time.


Oh, and the fashions and makeup are great - there was a super-dark lipstick in one scene that I'd like to try. And, while I've never been into Daniel Craig or James Bond, Craig's body is niiiiiiiiiiice. 

Want that lipstick!

And Sam Mendes directed the movie.

I really loved "Casino Royale," but this movie is better. In my ever-so-humble opinion. Well worth a see on the big screen. Even though I was sitting next to a woman who seemed to be drunk, and was hooting and hollering and clapping at every little thing, I really enjoyed myself.

Here are some words: Guns. Emotions. Explosions. Scotland. Struggling. Razor. Island. Radio. DAME JUDI MOTHERFUCKIN' DENCH. (Sorry, that was a phrase.)

Did someone call for a bad-ass?


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