blue wine coolers

Ir was, like, 80 degrees out today. I don't think I'm exaggerating, but I am too lazy and fuzzy in the head to look it up on some sort of informational website. Besides, the point of me bringing up how warm it is is that I GOT A FRICKIN' SUNBURN, ALREADY. WEARING SPF 70.

SPF 70.

Every single year, I diligently apply sunscreen (various formulations, various SPFs) from early spring to late fall, and every year I end up with sunburn and then the most uneven tan ever. It starts already. Sigh.

Other than my frustration with the sun's effect on my skin, it has been a good weekend. I'm down with my family for our rather agnostic Easter, and today Nicky and mom and I did all of the shopping for our feast tomorrow. I was heading toward the beer aisle, and I found myself drawn not to my usual hoppy brews but to... Bartles & James wine coolers. Seriously. Blue ones. Blue Hawaiian, to be exact. And they certainly are refreshing.

It has been a great weekend, and tomorrow will be filled with ham and potatoes and corn and Watson's Chocolate. And the Trailer Park Boys.

Have I talked here about the Trailer Park Boys yet? I know that I've told several of my friends to check out this hilarious show. My sister Nicky introduced me to the show, which just started playing on DirecTV last summer, and I just bought all 7 season last week, so that's what I've been doing. Watching an awesome faux-reality show about three lovable criminals in a Canadian trailer park.


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