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You know what I don’t understand? Chocolate in an orange shape. OK, I guess if it’s orange chocolate it makes sense and is kind of cute, even though I don’t like orange chocolate (but I guess everything isn’t about me, that’s what my sister keeps saying). Anyway, the particular chocolate I saw at work wasn’t orange-flavored. It had almonds in it. It was not in any way orange-related, so why the orange shape, with all of the pieces pressed to look like orange slices? I don’t get it.

It is a lovely, rainy day, and like all lovely, rainy days, it makes me want to be at home, reading and sipping tea. Hmm, maybe I should skip the gym later and do that instead… yeah, I think I convinced myself. Hey, I went to the gym last night, so don’t you judge me! My legs and hips are still kind of sore, which is odd because I worked on my arms mostly. Besides, I like my outfit, and I want to wear it until I change into pajamas before bed. Wow, I can make up a million excuses for not going to the gym.

I called to make an appointment for my car’s inspection. None of the Check Engine lights are on, and the car is running fine, so hopefully (omigod, fingers crossed) it won’t be anything too terrible. Well, I do have to get the muffler reattached to the undercarriage – it has been waving at people, coming unhinged for an embarrassingly long time. I kept thinking, oh, please make it until April! And so, of course, the muffler fell down and started dragging on the ground last weekend, when I was 5 miles away from my mom’s house. My brother came out and rigged the muffler up with a wire clothes hanger, and now my car is even more classy.

Now I’m going to worry slightly about all of the things that could be wrong with my car, from now until Wednesday morning. Maybe the worry will be alleviated by the fact that I have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off next week! The kids will be on Spring Break, and my sister took the 12th through the 20th off, so we are going to have some fun. Well, lots of fun. Lots and lots of fun. And maybe some hijinks involving blue wine coolers and hoppy beers and lots of zombie-killing and Trailer Park Boys.


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